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Links Will Be Broken

In the coming weeks, links to many of the files I've linked to on Rended Press will be broken. I have been using my faculty web space to host many of these files, and the campus server is being retired in favor of a different web hosting platform. I've decided to move all the material I have had a hand in creating to my Dropbox account or Google Sites space for easier management.

In the meantime, if you try to download something from the Downloads page and can't, leave a comment on the Downloads page I'll send it out to you via email.

I'm a Loser, Baby . . .

Sully has lost.

Long live Sully!

Don't Be a Loser Like This Guy

Don't be a loser like this guy.


Vote Sully!


A Response to the Mudslinging from the Feltothraxis Camp

This fear-mongering by some Feltothraxis supporters must stop!

As true dungeon-dwellers know, all dungeon denizens are important and valued members of the underground economy.

In truth, Sully HAS consorted with Gelatinous Cubes and Rust Monsters--and he's damned proud to call these hard-working citizens of these fine catacombs employees, neighbors, and yes, even friends.

Let the record show that Caroline G. Cube is employed by Sully to clean his lair on a semi-annual basis, and if you check with The Mad Archmage's tax collector, you will find that all the proper paperwork and tax contributions are in order.

Sully is particularly pained that those in the Feltothraxis camp are playing the Rust Monster card. Sully's best friend since his hatchling days is a Rust Monster, although Sully reports that he goes to great lengths to visit Harold on neutral ground (usually in an underground temple of one of the Orcus cults) lest his own hoard be turned to rust.

Mister Feltothraxis, t…

Vote For Sully!


Vote for Sully!

Tenkar is running a "name my dragon puppet" contest.

Please head over and vote for Sully!