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Fight On! Random Table Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the Fight On! Random Table Contest have been announced over at ODD74 forums . One of my entries, 30 Close Combat Concentration Breakers , was awarded an Honorable Mention. And my entry What's In That Hole was awarded a Special Honorable Mention; apparently, this table received a 2nd place vote from a judge, which is a nice recognition. Thanks, whoever voted for me! I sure hope they compile all the tables in to a PDF; I'm certainly intrigued by some of those table titles!

Daddy Grognard's Bugbear Adventure

Daddy Grognard is trucking right along in his "An Adventure for Every Monster" series. He's up to Bugbear now. I love bugbears. I loved his adventure. I converted it to PDF and sent it to him. He's going to post it on his site, but in the meantime, you can also grab a copy of it here . All copyrights to Daddy Grognard , 'natch. EDIT: I fogot to give credit to Dyson Logos for the map. This was totally my error. So, all copyrights to the map to Dyson Logos , m'kay? Dyson, you know I love you, man .

New Issue of D6 Magazine is Out

The title to this post says it all.

Four Color Love?

Okay, I know about Marvel Superheroes , the original superhero RPG that used percentile dice and a color-coded chart as the primary game mechanics (edit: which I just learned is known as the FASERIP system). TSR's Conan games (not to be confused with the Conan modules for AD&D) also used this system, as did Gamma World 3e. But what about the retro-clones that use the four-color system? The obvious one is ZeFRS , which is a direct retro-clone of the original TSR color-coded resolution system. Another well known 4C clone is 4C System (also available at Seraphim Guard Games ). And now it appears that Fearless Flint Games is doing some sort of adaptation of the 4C System rules. The core rulebook posted on this site seems to be the same as the one from Lulu and/or Seraphim Guard, albeit with a new cover. I haven't taken a good look at the contents yet to see if there are any changes to the ruleset, though. So, what other four-color-based RPGs are out there? List and link

New Links to the Old School Zine list

I've done some updating to the Old School Zine list. I recently stumbled across Project: Stone Jambalaya , a fanzine from the Gamma World Yahoo! Group. The zine features a lot of 1e/2e Gamma World stuff, although it supports all editions. I also added links to Rule One , a Glorantha-focused zine, focused on the campaign world more than a specific ruleset (although it leans towards RuneQuest, for obvious reasons). I've also added some other comments and such to links that seem to be in flux; be sure to bookmark the zine page and check back every once and a while.

6 Ways to Bring Civility Online @ The Art of Manliness

Hey! OSR! Go read this, paying special attention to point number three. Being a Gentleman in the Age of the Internet This link is totally safe for work, by the way.

Resurrection Update

Seems that Christian is back. That's why I envy those who live near the ocean: the sea puts everything in perspective. Roll on, Christian, roll on.

Please Don't Feed the Troll

Trolls. Ugh. I hate trolls. Once lost a mule and two dwarfs to a couple of trolls. As any gamer knows, the way to finish off a troll for good is with fire or acid. But on the web, flame wars can't seem to kill one particular OSR troll. Which brings to me ask: anyone know how a website acid attack works? (For those not in the know, Christian , one of the nicest and most introspective members of the OSR blogosphere, has been trashed by the troll behind YDIS [who I will not favor with a link].) EDIT: It seems Christian has either deleted his blog, or hidden it from public view. This isn't the first time Christian has decided to take his blog offline after a web kerfluffle. While it is certainly within his rights to do so, we have now lost a wealth of information and resources: copies of Iridia zine, the Freecity of Haldane files, great encounters and maps (the most recent of which was a series of encounters along the Shores of Lake Quag), etc. While many of us might de