Why Yes, Barbarian Prince Is Awesome


I'm noticing an uptick in murmurings in the RPG/OSR/DIY/Solo blogospheres about Barbarian Prince in my RSS reader.

This is a reminder of two things.

First, there is an excellent re-skin of Barbarian Prince available in BoardGameGeek's file section by dumarest123 (aka Todd Johnson). You should really check it out. It's my favorite version of the game, even though there are more variants and fan hacks posted in that file section.

Second, the Barbarian Prince Hex Hack gygaxian democracy project I started still has a number of hexes that need to be filled. The excellent Ramanan Sivaranjan has turned this map into an interactive web page, but it would be even more awesome if we could fill every damn hex. Please take a few if you can.

Ram recently reminded me on Discord that I still have to write an intro to this remix project, which I should probably get to soon or risk never even being considered for a Ramanan Sivaranjan Awards for Excellence in Gaming award (yeah, right).