3d6 Random Magic Item Table

Here's a little random table I created for one section of the final exam in my Digital Narratives class. The students had fun with it.

Roll 3d6 on the table below to create a strange magic item. Describe the item’s power(s) & lore in under 250 words.

First Part Second Part Third Part
1. The Spoon 1. of Magnanimous 1. Bubbles
2. The Breadcrust       2. of Unceasing 2. Fire
3. The Wand 3. of Temperamental       3. Flavor
4. The Jar 4. of Most Excellent 4. Goblins
5. The Spear 5. of Prismatic 5. Bees
6. The Helm 6. of Soggy 6. Spoons

released under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license