Toss Off Issue 3

For this installment of my worthless little zine, I took inspiration from Dan Felder's reddit post One-Page-Setting: The Echoing Woods, which presents setting information in a slick systemless format.

Felder's post inspired a few others, including Ruben Covington's One-Page-Setting: The Iron Dunes and Dungeon & Possum's One Page Setting: The Savage Tundra of the Winter King.

Now I'll add my One-Page Setting: The Slugslime Sedge to the mix. Technically, I guess it's two pages in keeping with the theme of the zine. But if you print on both sides it's one sheet of paper, so let's just say that counts as one page, mmmkay?

I bought a Hex Kit bundle license. You should, too!

Grab the new issue here: Toss Off Issue 3

One more note:  I made a few alterations to Felder's initial format, as I swapped the order of the "Characters" & "Rumors" sections and dropped the "Idea Fuel" section altogether because I wanted something a little more self-contained and not reliant on other folks' encounter tables or online generators. I do include link to clarify a few terms via Wikipedia, though (some links are underlined in the PDF).


Bam Bam said…
Papa Nurgle would be proud of this!