Goodbye Google Plus, Hello World

I'm deleting my Google+ account in two weeks, after I turn over a few communities I own to new owners.

I have no desire to join another social media platform. I'm sticking to blogs. I tried Discord, but couldn't figure it out. I feel old.

From now on you can catch me at these places:

Rended Press

Poetry Midwest+

Me & Alfred Roanoke

@mwschmeer (I rarely check Twitter, but there it is)


I just wanted to say, thank you so much for posting the link list of all my D&D map artwork! It's really cool to have it all in one place, something I myself have never put together. XD If there's a map you don't own a personal copy of, I'd be happy to send it to you, just send me at email (my first name @ mockman dot com).

- Jason Bradley Thompson
Matthew Schmeer said…
Hey Jason, thanks for the nice words! I like the sense of humor you inject into all your illustrated maps, which is why I collected links to them all on the blog.

For folks just reading the comment, the link Jason is referring to is here: