6 Unformed Biomasses

6 Unformed Biomasses

1. piglike suckling things with a dozen three-toed stumpy legs and without eyes, they are guided by smell, constantly snuffling and leaving a trail of snot behind them as they gnaw and shit dirt and rock in search of their favorite beetles; they are immune to all poisonous arthropods.

2. armless monkey-faced bear-things scrabble sideways in sand, fused paw-tail useful only for digging nests leeward in dunes; their mouths are filled with rows of nubbed teeth continuously ground down by gnawing on mollusk shells. They cannot stand the smell of their kind's blood.

3. Ball of human fingers massed around a five-eyed, two-mouthed kewpi-like face undulates with cilia-like grace across the forest floor, one mouth whistling a jaunty sea shanty while the other mouth savors what the fingers provide; it can whistle any song it absorbs from brains it tastes.

4. featherless venom-toothed limp-winged goosething drops from trees on wagon trains in search of cats and newborn babes; it swallows them in one liquid movement, carrying the carcass in a gullet pouch until dissolved and vomiting the bones bleached yellow-black; they lap milk from sleeping wet nurses and when killed their gizzard stones burn to the touch for untold years.

5. fist-sized lumps of pale lizard-like flesh cling inside cave walls, avoid direct light, shuffle in the sun's shadow as one rheumy eye blinks hydrochloric tears; if soaked in milk, they shriek and shrivel and the eyes split and reticulate into a jellied mass that, fried in bear fat, tastes of truffles and ambergris.

6. nine-pawed goat-horned mush-faced mandibled ant-thing mews piteously when startled and shows no fear of predators; a supreme tracker, its teats leak pleasant-tasting numbing aphrodisiac fluorocarbons that impart branching visions of moments yet to come. Impervious to flame, they melt when dead into pools of tasteless tar.