In my previous post (a review of Tales from the Tavern #1), I mentioned the game Ghoulash.

Ghoulash is an old solitaire pen & pencil game from the 1980s, originally sold in pads. The creator and his son have tried to re-invent it as a card game, but the Kickstarter failed miserably. So it looks like they're re-designing the classic game instead, which strikes me as a smarter way to go.

There used to be a lot of free scenarios on the old Ghoulash site. I trolled the Internet Archive and was able to retrieve a lot of the PDFs. I'm missing Scenario 13, Scenario 14, Webpack 2, Webpack 3, Webpack 4, and Webpack 5, but otherwise I think I've collected all the freebies here. I've renamed the non-scenario files by prefixing a release date to their name.