Faustus Wizbobeard IV

My new B/X PC is a Wizard Monkey:


photo illustration by +The Real-ish Greg Gorgonmilk

Faustus Wizbobeard IV

HP: 3
AC: 8
XP: 0

STR: 12
INT: 15 (+1)
WIS: 6 (-1)
DEX: 14 (+1)
CON: 8 (-1)

Death Ray or Poison: 13
Magical Wands: 15
Paralysis or Turn to Stone: 14
Dragon Breath:16
Rods, Staves, or Spells: 16

Languages: Common, Alignment, Gargoyle

Sharpened leopard femur (treat as normal dagger)
4 Torches
6 bunches wild grapes
10' feet fresh, leafy vine
Waterskin filled with urine
Bag of day-old feces
9 gp

Spells: Level 1: [Shield]

Special: Once per day can cast an Invincible Stare, which acts as a Hold spell on all targets in a 10 foot radius (Save vs. Spells) and renders the caster invisible while in effect.