WIP: The Uksub Farmhouse & Grounds

6. The Uksub Farmhouse & Grounds
The property around the house shows evidence of a struggle; the grass is trampled and several small saplings in both the front and back have been snapped from their trunks. Several of the trees and shrubs seem to be prematurely withering, turning autumn colors even though it is the height of summer. All of the plants and shrubs on this part of the farm are non-life threatening. 

To the east of the farmhouse, 2 wooden doors cover the entrance to a root cellar (see Area 7, below) near a haystack and a well. The well water is stagnant, its surface covered in flies and the corpses of dead birds that dared to drink its foulness. Any PC taking a drink from this well must make a Save vs. Death or die within 1d4 hours. The water may be purified by boiling. A crushed wooden bucket sits next to the well. Recently carved into its rim is the phrase “H’EE-L’GEB F’AI THRODOG UAAAH”. 

Beneath the haystack is the mutilated corpse of the horse Slack rode into the village. Its head is caved in and its gut hangs open as if something burst from within. Two ghostly white tentacles, their undersides covered in row upon row of sharp hooked claws, dangle from its chest cavity, their stumps trailing sinewy veins and muscles. 2 axes, their axe heads 3/4 corroded away as if eaten by acid, lay near the tentacles. 

The spacious 2-story farmhouse is sturdily made of planked timbers.