New Freebie for White Star: White Box Science Fiction RPG OSR Space Fantasy-type Games

NOTE: Updated file available in new post.

Here, have this:

Zombie Retronauts in Spaaaaace!

Link removed until I edit it to remove the White Star references because some people want to be all lawyerly and shit.

One moderator even went as far as to accuse me of theft. Check out the White Star Google+ community. They didn’t even have the courtsey to accuse me in a private message.

It ain't theft if you cite your sources and provide links. It might be sloppy reuse/remixing, but it ain't theft. Especially if it ain't for sale or profit. Sure, it might be infringement, but it's good infringement (like fan fiction) versus bad infringement (like fake Rolex watches).

It's cool, though. Space is infinite. You can't take the sky from me.

Loosen up, dudes. Talk about taking something that was light and fun and shitting on the parade.

Also, people have a hard time reading sarcasm.


David Baymiller said…
thank you for putting this up! this is fantastic.
Matthew Schmeer said…
+David Baymiller: You're welcome!