d30 Challenge: Entry 7

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

07. Six dead elves, their faces horribly burned and their extremities gnawed away, are arranged in an outward-facing circle, their backs leaning against each other. A single golden thread encircles their waists and binds them together. If the thread is removed, the elves will explode (Save vs. Death or else), revealing a small cache of rubies and sapphires worth 1,543gp. The elves cannot be moved without removing the thread.

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

T. Sounds made during this encounter draw the attention of a wandering troubadour, who will show up and record the PCs' deeds in a ballad worthy of the mightiest of heroes. Unfortunately, he's not that good at rhyming. Or singing.