d30 Challenge: Entry 4

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

04. A wyvren and a psuedo-dragon debate the merits of republican democracy, economic hegemony, and capitalistic vassalage. The debate is being judged by a panel of three hieracosphinxes. The wyvern is losing the debate and is a bit miffed. If the wyvern continues to lose the debate (25% chance), he will eventually lose his cool and attack the sphinxes. Meanwhile, the pseudo-dragon ambles over to the PCs and asks for a smoke. If the PCs share their pipeweed, the pseudo-dragon will come to their defense if the sphinxes or the wyvern attack them. Otherwise, she will shrug, shake her head, and go her own way (unless she is attacked, in which case all bets are off).

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

W. There is a 30% chance one of the foes/NPCs recognizes one of the PCs as a long-lost childhood friend and will attempt to protect that PC until they have a chance to talk things over.