d30 Challenge: Entry 3

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

03. A tinker gnome leads a double-headed pack mule carrying two boxes, one marked with radiation symbols and the other with biohazard symbols. A feedbag is strapped to the mule's left head. The gnome offers to sell the PCs supplies for the road; he will only remove items from the biohazard-marked box. Anything the PCs can think to buy, he has at least one, marked up to an exorbitant price. The crate is a Crate of Holding, but only the gnome knows the secret of how it works (it's all in the wrist). The box marked with radiation symbols contains a female tinker gnome RealDoll™ inhabited by a succubus.

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

X. There is a 20% chance that one of the foes/NPCs is erotically attracted to a cleric or magic-user in the party and will try their damnedest to entice the PC into a hasty tryst. Casting a reverse love spell has the opposite effect and only encourages the foe/NPC.