d30 Challenge: Entry 28

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

28. David Bowie. Treat as Vampire Lord. Cannot be staked if singing "Let's Dance".

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

WILD #2. Before or after the rolled encounter, a Halfling disguised as a very short Elf runs into the area waving a short sword and carrying a glass jar containing a human heart. The heart is still beating. The Halfling (whose name doesn't matter) is on the verge of tears. He will explain that this is the heart of his beloved and it is all that remains after the Halfling tried and failed to rescue his beloved from the deepdark elves who roam the Overandunderdark.

Although the Halfling is penniless, if the PCs can help with a resurrection, the Halfling will indenture himself to them for a period of no more than three years. He has a valid and legally binding simple contract ready to sign. He is literally begging on his knees, desperate for help. As he begs, the heart beats slower and slower.

  • If the PCs themselves resurrect the body, the PCs immediately recognize the Halfling's beloved as one of the current monarch's lovers who was executed for infidelities with others at court. The no-resurrection order that applies to disgraced members of the royal house has now been violated and the royal seers are sure to know.
  • If the PCs help pay to resurrect the body, the PCs discover that the Halfling's beloved is the last blacksmith skilled in magical weaponry that they had encountered. The blacksmith is so grateful to be back to life that he will gladly improve up to three weapons in exchange for a one-year reduction in the Halfling's servitude contract.
  • If the PCs refuse to help the Halfling, the heart will stop beating and the Halfling will break down and cry inconsolably. Then he will take his sword and thrust it through his gut, spilling his intestines on the ground. Then he will start to eat them, laughing madly the entire time. He'll shortly keel over and die. In 1d4 hours, he'll come back as an incorporeal undead (DM's choice) and attack the party.
  • If the PCs attack the Halfling, the Halfling is too tired to defend himself and is easily defeated. If the heart container is smashed opened, the heart will leap out of the jar and grow to gigantic size, transforming into a Storm Giant. He is so grateful to be freed of his curse that he will accompany the party for three days (whether they like it or not).
  • If the PCs kill the Halfling per above and open the heart container by unscrewing the lid, they will find it's just a heart. If a PC eats it, they will gain a +5 STR and +6 DEX for 10d20 days. Then they will suffer a –6 STR and a –5 DEX for 10d20 days before returning to their original stats.
  • If they kill the Halfling and eat his heart, they'll find it tastes like wistful licorice dripped in honeyed disappointment. It also grants a +2 to all sneak rolls for 1d20 days.