d30 Challenge: Entry 27

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

27. A maroon Land Octopus triple-wielding swords duels an alpha male Octorilla.

  • If the PCs join the Land Octopus, the Octorilla will become even more enraged and gain a +3 to all damage rolls.
  • If the PCs join the Octorilla, the Land Octupus will pull out three more swords and start swinging. He can target three PCs at once, and gets two attacks at each.
  • If the PCs take on both of the tentacled creatures, The Land Octopus will disappear in a huge puff of inky smoke (treat as Darkness 20ft Radius) and scramble away as quickly as possible. The Octorilla will then let out a death howl, calling in a pack of four more male Octorillas.
  • If the PCs ignore the fight, the Land Octopus will handily beat the Octorilla and then thank the PCs for not getting involved. He will tell them the duel was a family matter best left unexplained, and then invite the PCs for some tea and crumpets. If the PCs accept, drinking and eating with the Land Octopus restores 2d6 HP. If the PCs refuse, he'll pack them some crumpets to go. If the PCs later eat the crumpets, there's a 2-in-6 chance they'll develop dysentery.

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

WILD #1. After the encounter, before the PCs leave the area, there is a 15% chance an undead pelican drops a demon baby at the feet of one of the randiest PCs, along with a note explaining that they are now the proud parent of a demon spawn thanks to their most recent one night stand.

Attempts to kill the demon baby will result in the undead pelican retrieving the demon spawn and returning on a separate occasion the following week. If this continues to happen for more than two weeks, the demon will develop daddy/mommy issues and in two months will show up to blame the PC for all their misfortunes and attack the party with a gang of juvenile delinquent demons calling themselves "The Demonspurned".

If the PC accepts the responsibility of raising the child, within a week the undead pelican will show up to retrieve the child. He will blame the mix-up on a clerical error and as way of apology will give the PC a Ring of Resistance to Demon Charms.