d30 Challenge: Entry 25

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

25. The PCs stumble across a gigantic 30ft tall tapered ceramic vase decorated with mindbendingly obscene non-Euclidean bas-relief. If the PCs can climb to the top and look inside, they will see a shadowy maelstrom of dark swirling waters. Any light source (except natural sunlight) used to examine the inside of the vase will be immediately extinguished as the streaming light is sucked into the void. Even something imbued with a Continual Light spell will begin to dim and eventually fail and the spell extinguished while examining the slippery void.

Anything dropped into the vase will disappear. Anyone climbing into the vase must make a Save vs. Death, or immediately cease to exist. PCs who make successful saves are whisked to the Jale God's palatial chambers, where they will find themselves standing behind a huge pile of things that have been dropped into the vase. If any PC touches the pile of stuff, the Jale God wanders in. Ignore any previous reaction tables for the Jale God and/or his avatars and use the reaction table below:

Jale God Reaction Table 1d30:

01-05: The Jale God ignores the PCs, wave his hands, and the PCs immediately find themselves standing beside the vase again.

6-10: The Jale God is in a foul mood and charges the PCs with an absurd Quest.

11–15: The Jale God is delighted to have company and treats the PCs to a strange yet fulfilling meal before teleporting them to a location of their choice.

16-20: The Jale God is enraged. He attacks the PCs.

21-25: The Jale God walk in, takes a look around, and shuffles out. If the PCs dig through the stuff long enough, they will find a Scroll of Slightly Accurate Teleportation (Within 50 Leagues).

26-30: The Jale God points his finger and obliterates a random PC. No save, no resurrection, no reincarnation. The other PCs are teleported completely naked to their homebase/headquarters.

The vase can only be smashed with a +2 or better non-edged magic-imbued weapon wielded by someone with a 16 or better non-modified STR. If this is happens, everyone within 500ft must make a Save vs. Death Ray or suffer d20+d30+d66 HP damage as it explodes in a concentrated WHOMP!

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

B. During the encounter, there is a 35% chance the PCs discover a solar-powered mp3 player laying on the ground. The player is loaded with a complete collection of Iron Maiden albums, the first four Black Sabbath albums, Metallica's Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets, and Richard Marx's Greatest Hits.