d30 Challenge: Entry 23

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

23. A team of 8 dead mules is harnessed to an overturned wagon, blocking the party's path. Root vegetables are strewn all over the ground, including some never before seen by the PCs. A dead female cleric of chaos is trapped under the wagon, her skull crushed by the axle. She is dressed for travel; on her left leg is an iron cuff with three chain links still attached.

A 7 or 8 year old boy lays unconscious a few feet away. The boy has a broken arm and a broken leg; the non-broken leg wears an iron cuff with single link of chain dangling from it. He is emaciated, filthy, and in need of a haircut; his body is covered with bruises and scars.

If the PCs heal the boy, when he awakens he will tell them his name is Samwich Everflame and he was stolen from his father 21 full moons ago by the now-dead cleric, whose name is Forvalla Drey. Forvalla treated him like a slave and forced him to do many despicable things. She was travelling to a ritual gathering when the mules were spooked by a giant centipede and bolted, eventually causing the accident. Before Forvalla died from her head wounds, she killed the mules with a spell in anger.

Samwich will suggest that his father, a candlemaker in a far-off village (the DM is encouraged to make it a fair distance away), might reward the party for his safe return with a few Everlasting Candles, which the PCs might recognize as coveted minor magic items.

The boy is traumatized. Any attempt to touch him—even to remove his shackle— will make him shrink and cry. He is jumpy and suffers all the trust issues associated with the clinically abused.

He's a good actor, too, because Samwich is of course lying. Moments before her death, Forvalla's chaotic patron swapped her and the boy's souls so that the boy died and Forvalla inhabits the boy's body. She retains all her clerical knowledge and abilities. The shackled ankle is the chaos god's holy symbol. If Samwich stays with the party, she will attempt to kill them off at every opportunity she gets.

Forvalla Drey / Samwich Everflame
Chaotic Female Cleric trapped in boy child's body
Lvl: 9
AC: 9 [10]
HP: 18 [but appears to be 8]
STR 11
INT 15
WIS 16
CON 14
DEX 12
CHA 15


Suggested Spells
First (3): Cause Light Wounds, Protection from Law, Detect Law.
Second (3): Curse, Hold Person, Find Traps
Third (3): Cause Disease, Continual Dark, Remove Curse
Fourth (2): Cause Serious Wounds, Silence 10ft Radius

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

D. There is a 27% chance that a powerful Silence spell has been cast on the entire encounter area.

*NPC generated with Mithril & Mages Character Generator, then tweaked.