d30 Challenge: Entry 22

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

22. A Cobalt Klutz*, its blue skin glowing with waves of internally self-generated gamma radiation, munches on a handful of baby giant purple worms torn from their nest. PCs getting within ten feet of the Cobalt Klutz must Save vs. Death Ray or suffer 1d6 points mutating radiation damage and develop one of the mutations from the Weirdlands of Xhuul Random Mutation Table OR The Metamorphica.

The creature is in a friendly mood, as it has sated its hunger. It will not attack the party unless provoked, and prefers to flee rather than fight.

The party will find that the Cobalt Klutz cannot lie. It has the innate ability to detect lies and delights in pointing out even the most minor of mis-truths.

Finally, the Cobalt Klutz is lost. It is originally from the Overandunderdark (the deepest level of the Underdark where time and space collapse into the Mirror World that forms the edges of the Hollow World). If the PCs can give directions to an extraordinary deep crevasse or trench, the creature reward them with their choice of  a bagful of raw adamantium or raw mithril ore and then wander off.

There is a 42% chance the mother giant purple worm returns to find her nest destroyed and her babies eaten after the Cobalt Klutz lumbers off. She will not be in a good mood.

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

E. Pick a random foe/NPC. During the encounter, PCs using polearms (including spears) must make a Save vs. Spell or stab themselves in the foot (and take damage) every time they look at that foe/NPC. This compulsion manifests for no reason whatsoever.

*Kind of like the opposite of an Umber Hulk, because Product Identity.