d30 Challenge: Entry 18

And now for a change of pace because I need to get my mind off the previous post*:

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

18. An elderly couple emerges from a 1-story, 3-room house made entirely of normal-sized playing cards. The couple is nervous and eager to see the PCs on their way and will not invite the PCs inside. If the PCs gain entry to the home, they will find an Alice or Alistair bound to a chair and gagged. The Alice/Alistair is nearly Exasperated. The elderly couple did not capture the Alice/Alistair themselves but are merely babysitting for someone else they are too terrified to even mention. If pressed, one of them will try to say who this is, but as soon as the first syllable is uttered, they will both melt into horrifying puddles of flesh. The Alice/Alistair may wish to join the party if rescued. Hidden in the walls of the house is 3/4 of a Deck of Not a Lot of Things.

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

I. If there are magic-users in the party, they will sense a powerful magical aura coming from every non-magical item in the area that was not previously in the party's possession. Unfortunately, the exact nature of the magical aura is beyond the knowledge of any of the PCs. This aura will persist until each individual item is examined by a specialized sage, at which point the item will be revealed as being normal. It's just the Jale God screwing with the PCs.

*if any of this material infringes on anybody's intellectual property, suck it up and be happy someone read your stuff and was inspired by it.