d30 Challenge: Entry 13

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

13. 3d4 bandit leaders accompanied by 4d4 bandit bodyguards attend a leadership retreat lead by a hobgoblin shaman; they are in the middle of a trust-building exercise. If the PCs interrupt the exercises, there is a 25% chance the shaman will invite the PCs to join in and learn the Orgo Ogotto Method of True Leadership℠ for a small one-time fee of 19gp; membership includes a course completion certificate on 100% real sheepskin parchment and access to an entire catalog of reasonably priced motivational totems and tchotckes to further motivate and lead a team.

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

N. Two of the foes/NPCs are lovers; if one of them is killed, the other goes into a berserker rage, gaining a +5 to all to-hit and damage attacks.