d30 Challenge: Entry 11

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

11. d24 bugbears, d24 gnolls and d24 kobolds are in full melee, duking it for control of an elegant oversized horse-drawn coach capable of carrying six people. The six horses are dead, and so are the occupants of the coach:  a queenly figure dressed in a fine silken sky-blue evening gown hangs halfway out of the coach and a once-handsome raven-haired man in a military dress uniform is sprawled on the ground beside her. Her throat has been cut and her feet have been lopped off; his head has been bashed in. If the PCs attempt to intervene in the fight, two rounds into combat one of the the following will happen:

  1. if the PCs fought against every group, the horses turn into dead mice and the coach turns into a pumpkin squeezed around the dead woman's body, and all the enemy combatants turn into a swarm of flies and maggots on the corpses.
  2. if the PCs joined the bugbears, the kobolds and gnolls will flee.
  3. if the PCs joined the gnolls, the kobolds will surrender, but the bugbears will fight to the death.
  4. if the PCs joined the kobolds, after two more rounds of combat the bugbears will join the kobolds too, but the gnolls will fight to the death.

The dead man is a prince in a far off kingdom and the royal family will handsomely reward the PCs for quick return of his body, along with proof of what became of his fate. His medals are worth 543gp on the black market and the coach is carrying around 1657sp. Also, one of the dead kobolds is wearing a pair of fur slippers that perfectly fit his feet.

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

P. There is a 15% chance that every attempt to hit a particular foe/NPC misses its mark for the entire duration of combat. This foe/NPC is carrying a Personal Force Field device that was found in the remnants of a crashed alien spaceship. The foe/NPC has no idea what the device does; they think it is just a cool looking trinket they wear as a souvenir. The battery is still 2/3 full.