d30 Challange: Entry 17

d30 Gonzo Encounters Suitable for
Dungeon Sandbox Crawling Exploration

17. Five witches eat cheese curls and drink lukewarm bottles of Bitches Brew while a toad and a hamster, both wearing plated mail and wielding miniature broadswords, fight in the middle of an empty kiddie swimming pool. The witches cheer on the fight, encouraging both animals equally. There is a large outlay of coins on the line (2d10gp, 2d30sp, 4d30cp). Outside the kiddie pool, a red squirrel and an emperor tamarin, both sporting boiled leather armor and bucklers, take practice swings with gaffi sticks as they warm up for the next battle.

If the toad wins the fight, he'll take on the red squirrel. If the hamster wins the fight, then the tarmarin and the squirrel will fight each other (the squirrel as 3:1 odds). The witches encourage the PCs to place bets.

If the PCs attack the witches for any reason whatsoever, the animals will immediately transform to human size and defend the witches.

The witches are almost out of cheese curls. They would happily perform a few helpful spells in exchange for 1d20 family-sized bags.

d30 Alphabetic Modifiers

J. During the encounter, a froghemoth and a unicorn teleport into the area; they are locked in battle. There is a 15% chance they appear in the air and drop on one of the PCs. After 2 rounds of battle, they teleport out again.