WIP: Ma's Sewing Room

Another snipped from my Work in Progress

6E. Workroom
This area houses Ma’s sewing room, including a large table for cutting bolts of cloth. A table and stool lay smashed in one corner; the broken tabletop has goblin graffiti recently carved on its surface and smells strongly of ale. 

A large dresser with several drawers houses various sewing notions, including a few pairs of scissors, a Thimble +1 and Bilox, a sentient Self-Threading Needle +1. Bilox is stuck in a cabbage-shaped pincushion alongside other, non-sentient needles. Bilox likes to complain. A lot. Especially about the drudgery of being a sentient needle. 

Bilox has the mind/personality of a halfling tailor and is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of his trade. He can only communicate audibly with his bearer. 

BILOX, Self-Threading Needle +1 
INT 11, WIS 13, CHA 7; never needs threading; when used in conjunction with a Thimble +1, a seamstress/tailor can sew 20x normal speed.