WIP: Hex 03.05

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Hex 03.05 - Morad’s Farm 
Morad’s farm is a small vegetable & wheat farm nestled in the woods to the northwest of the village. The farm consists of a small four-room house and a two-horse stable. 

Morad’s widow, Thala, and her 11-year old son, Damor, do not know if they will be able to maintain the farm and meet the Baron’s field fealty in Morad’s absence. The horse Morad rode to visit the Uksubs has come down with some strange malady and Thala is worried that it might infect the other horse. 

STR 12, DEX 10, CON 9, INT 9, WIS 11, CHA 12 
HP 6, AC 9 (10), Save 19, 
Armor: None, Weapons: Pitchfork (1d6) 

STR 7, DEX 8, CON 10, INT 9, WIS 9 CHA 10 
HP 4, AC 9 (10), Save 19, 
Armor: None, Weapons: Axe (1d6) 

AC 7 (12), HD 2, AT 1 bite, D 1d2, XP 30; Special: Bitten PCs must Save vs. Disease or lose additonal 1/2 HP due to infection