WIP: Bob's Room

From my Work in Progress:

1B. Bob’s Room
This room is immaculately clean except for what appears to be a slightly decomposed corpse tucked into bed. On the floor near the headboard, a pile of neatly folded clothes sits on top of a worn pair of boots. Any PC inspecting the body will recognize it as Bob. He is naked under the bedclothes.

If a PC touches the body, there is a 50% chance Bob will rise from the bed and begin getting dressed; a few of his appendages might fall off in the process. If/when he is completely dressed, he will offer to make the PCs sausage and eggs.

If the PCs accept, he will scrounge around the garbage in the main room for a frying pan and fry up several cockroaches and a handful of maggots in the embers of the fire. If the PCs eat the meal, Bob will entertain as many questions about the farm and his family as he can. However, his answers will be about mundane farm life, as he knows nothing about the strange goings on. His last memory is of rinsing off at the well after helping his brothers dig out a collapse in the root cellar beneath the farmhouse.

If the PCs refuse his offer of breakfast or refuse to eat the meal that he prepares, there is a 50% chance he will take offense and attack the party.

Bob is in the process of zombification but does not know it.

AC 9 (10), HD 2, #AT 1 strike, D 1d8, XP 240


Good job. I like the take on zombiefication. Makes the PCs think. Should I eat the foul breakfast? Will Bob get upset if I mention he is becoming a zombie?