WIP: 5D. Oak Tree

Another piece of my work-in-progress:

5D. Oak Tree
The single tree to the east of the walled compound is an oak tree that is home to a Dryad; her name is Kaonroca. She is in mourning, as she was in love with Harper and he with her. He had promised to enter her tree with her for a hundred years and a day at the end of the current growing season. She knows little of what transpired here and refuses to speak of it unless someone were to volunteer to abide with her in Harper’s stead.

If someone steps forth and accepts this offer, she will instruct the PC to place his/her hands on the tree and the PC will be suddenly yanked into the heartwood. The dryad will then tell the remaining PCs one of the following and then disappear in waves of chilling laughter:

(Roll 1d6)

01. Anders and Harper had a falling out when Anders learned of Harper’s plan to join the Dryad. They brawled and as Slack ran to intervene, Anders killed Harper with a blow to the head.

02. Pa Uksub overheard Harper and Kaonroca talking one night about their plans. Harper, afraid his father would interfere, killed him. While Harper was trying to dispose of the body, Slack discovered his misdeed. Slack, who had always resented his father, choppe of his head and threw it down the privy. Harper & Slack made up a story of seeing their father being hauled away by a band of goblins. To make their story convincing, they slashed at each other with a hand scythe a few times.

03. Bob was bitten by a zombie the brothers uncovered beneath the farmhouse and Bob killed Harper to eat his brain.

04. Slack and his mother had an incestuous relationship, and as a result his mother was with child. Harper caught them in the act. They killed him to keep him quiet, and Slack arranged it to look like Harper had been killed while trying to repair the horse cart. Ma sank into a catatonic depression.

05. Anders was experimenting with new plant hybrids and created a sentient crossbreed. Kaonroca tried to warn Harper of the dangers, but he shrugged away her concerns. When Harper and Anders went to cultivate the crop, the plant-creatures were more than they could handle, and Harper’s head was crushed as he tried to crawl away and hide from the creatures.

06. The brothers discovered something beneath the farmhouse and fought over it. Bob killed Harper and then disappeared. Slack and Anders went back to retrieve whatever they found but haven’t come back yet.

Everything Kaonroca says contains shades of the truth, but is not completely trustworthy.

AC 9 (10), HD 2, Atk 1 wooden dagger, D 1d4; XP 60; Special: Charm person (–2 save)