Petty Gods: Side Effects of a Vision from the Jale God

Side Effects of a Vision from the Jale God
Receving a message from the Jale God is a horrible and humbling experience. Humanoid minds cannot deal with the extreme psionic pressures of such a visit and must purge the stress in some physical form.

Roll 2d6: One for the main side effects table and one for the appropriate subtable.

All effects last for 1d8 days and cause –2 to all DEX & CON checks plus loss of –3 hp per day (recoverable).

Side Effects Main Table (1d6)
1. Obsessive Consumption of Non-food Item (see Subtable 1)
2. Full Body Rash (See Subtable 2)
3. Warts (see Subtable 3)
4. Foot disease (see Subtable 4)
5. Hand disorder (see Subtable 5)
6. Vision disorder (see Subtable 6)

Subtable 1 (1d6): Cravings must be satisfied at all costs.
1. Coprophagy (consumption of feces)
2. Geophagy (consumption of soil, clay, or chalk)
3. Hyalophagia (consumption of glass)
4. Trichophagia (consumption of hair or wool)
5. Urophagia (consumption of urine)
6. Xylophagia (consumption of wood or paper)

Subtable 2 (1d6): All rashes itch like hell.
1. Full-body acne
2. Boils
3. Hives
4. Psoriasis
5. Disfiguring skin tags
6. Weeping cysts

Subtable 3 (1d6): All warts are disfiguring and itchy as all get out.
1. Genital warts
2. Periungual warts (affects finger & toe nails)
3. Normal, raised warts all over body
4. Filiform warts (on/around eyelids)
5. Butcher's warts (covers hands)
6. Mosaic plantar warts (covers soles & palms)

Subtable 4 (1d6): May affect ability to walk/run.
1. Corns
2. Bunions
3. Ringworm
4. Trench foot
5. Chilblains
6. Gout

Subtable 5 (1d6): Hand disorders may affect ability to hold & use items.
1. Arthritis
2. Tendinitis
3. Tremors
4. 3 fingers on each hand fused
5. Nail loss
6. Fused wrist bones (inability to flex/rotate wrists)

Subtable 6 (1d6):
1. Single eye blindness (flip a coin)
2. 1d20 weeping styes
3. Nightblindness (cannot see in dark)
4. Dayblindness (cannot see in light)
5. Continuous running tears
6. Can now see colors beyond normal perception (infrared, black light, etc.)