Petty Gods: 6 Invocations of the Jale God Translated from Cursed Scrolls

6 Invocations of the Jale God Translated from Cursed Scrolls

A burning, a brightness, a suffering rage
Encompass the essence of my soul!
Bring forth the unlighted void
And draw the knife across my eyes
So that I may see what you reveal.

Sing of the unlit fire and the empty gullet!
Hear me oh Unnameable One!
In this your will be done,
This your servant begs!
Take this meager sacrifice,
Eviscerate this flesh, this blood, this bone—
Reveal yourself to your true servant!


Jale before time, oh hear me, your servant!
All bends and breaks to your immutable will
Leaving nothing but words unspoken on wind—
Enable me to hear your voice in the void!

Repent! Repent, unbelievers!
Let your ignorance disappear!
The day is retreating
And darker night is blooming!
The Unspeakable One is rising
And soon will draw neigh;
Cower! Watch in anticipation!
At midnight comes the cry.

See that your torches are extinguished
Douse them in water, fill not your lamps!
Look: your destruction is coming,
The wages of the way of flesh.
The great divorce is at hand,
The gates stand chained before you.
Bow down, you dogs of the earth!
The Unnameable One is at hand!

Our death and our destruction,
Our release from these frail bonds:
Arise, unlit scythe of moon
Above this darkened mortal coil!
With heads downcast and hands prostrated
With this heart upon this altar
We plead oh great and dirty god
To see this day of great destruction!
Loosen your spite upon the earth
And let us forever reside with thee!

Bleeding heart
Rendered flesh
Within Your bonds
Let all enmesh

We beseech you, oh Great Unspeakable One:
Take us with you when you return
From the unknowing void thou crept!