Petty Gods: 6 Folk Beliefs to Invoke the Jale God

6 Folk Beliefs to Invoke the Jale God

Many folks say that the Jale God can be compelled to respond to ordinary folk. Here's a few ways.

Take nine stones. Go to a crossroads on a moonless night. Stand in the crossroads and throw each stone in a different direction while issuing a known invocation and the Jale God will appear.

Take two large hunks of hog manure, slice them in half, and fry them in a skillet until cooked through. Make a poultice and tie it around your neck. The Jale God will find you.

Take a kidney stone from a deer and pierce it with a leather strand made from the hide of the same deer. String it around your waist and wear it for a week. Then shorten the strand and wear it around your neck for another week. The Jale God will manifest shortly thereafter.

Pickle cumcumbers while during the time of your bleeding. The Jale God will accept this offering and bless you with your heart's third-most desire.

Castrate a pig under the star sign of The Watcher. Capture some of the blood that pours forth and mix it with three cracked eggs. Bury this mixture in a small stoppered jar underneath a young rowan tree. The Jale God will soon visit.

Find a red-nosed dog. Kill the dog and cut-off its nose. Bake the nose into a loaf of rough bread. Lay the loaf in a fallow field and wait until the birds have made it disappear. The Jale God will send a message soon.