How About Another Community Project?

Hacking Clue Through the Ages

The adventurers stumble upon a decrepit four-story mansion that has been divided into four 1-floor apartment suites with similar floor plans. Stairs in the middle of the first apartment lead to the upper stories. The registered residents of floors 1, 2, & 3 are familiar with each other, but tend to keep to their separate floors. What will they find?

Pick a room, and using the guides below, stock it.

Cellar: entrance somewhere on first floor

C01. Grand Hall = Wine Cellar
C02. Dungeon = Torture Chamber (contains secret door to Area C07)
C03. The Chamber of Tricks & Traps = Room Full of Random Junk
C04. The Wizards Tower = Wizard Storage Room (contains secret door to Area C09)
C05. The Dragon's Lair = ?
C06. The Treasure Chamber = Storage Room (contains secret door to Area C02)
C07. The Lost Crypt = Family Crypt
C08. The Magical Armory = Room Full of Random Junk
C09. The Library of Arcane Tomes = Moldy Tomes Storage (contains secret door to Area C04)
C10. Maze in Middle of Board = Teleportation Room to ?

1st Floor: Home to an elderly married couple named Hansel and Gretel who may or may not be brother & sister.

Magnifiying glasses on floor indicate weak flooring that may give way (15% chance) and drop PCs into cellar.

1F01. Courtyard
1F02. Fountain
1F03. Gazebo
1F04. Cloak Room
1F05. Drawing Room
1F06. Library
1F07. Billiard Room
1F08. Studio
1F09. Conservatory
1F10. Trophy Room
1F11. Carriage House
1F12. Kitchen
1F13. Dining Room

2nd Floor: Home to an attractive, middle-aged female sorceress with a bad case of flametoe.

2F01. Hall
2F02. Lounge
2F03. Dining Room
2F04. Kitchen
2F05. Ballroom
2F06. Conservatory
2F07. Billiard Room
2F08. Library
2F09. Study

3rd Floor: Inhabited by a human-sized fairy with pinioned wings and a thirst for dwarven bloodcake.

3F01. Hall
3F02. Lounge
3F03. Dining Room
3F04. Kitchen
3F05. Ballroom
3F06. Conservatory
3F07. Billiard Room
3F08. Library
3F09. Study

4th Floor: Inhabited by what appears to be the ghost of a horribly mutilated young boy. This floor is avoided by the other tenants of the building, although they freely talk about it.

4F01. Hall
4F02. Lounge
4F03. Dining Room
4F04. Kitchen
4F05. Ballroom
4F06. Conservatory
4F07. Billiard Room
4F08. Library
4F09. Study

Wandering Encounters for All Floors (1d6)