Christmas Bookface

Bookface had a very nice Christmas!

Tim Snider sent me a copy of Stuper Powers! because I played the pity card.

The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia, 3rd edition, by Daniel Harms.

Excellent reference work! Lots of inspiration for the Jale God!

Gavin Norman is a a mad genius! I love the digest size of The Complete Vivimancer; I wish Theorems & Thaumaturgy came in digest size.

And here is Gavin's Wizardzine #1 in print. Very, very worth it, especially as it builds on both of Gavin's sourcebooks.

If Gavin is a mad genius, Kabuki Kaiser is the grand high poo-bah of oriental weirdness.

Mad Monks of Kwantoom NEEDS TO BE IN YOUR TOOLBOX! This thing rocks, like Metallica circa Master of Puppets or Iron Maiden circa Powerslave: So. Many. Perfect. Notes.

Part DM adventure toolkit, part campaign generator, part solo gamebook, part monster manual; this thing just blows my mind. The Wa Tung Monster Manual is worth the entire price of this book. Pair this with Kaiser's Ruins of the Undercity and you'll have many months worth of adventure gaming on your hands.

The Delving Deeper Reference Rules, v4a. This was my fourth attempt at ordering this book and finally I received a flawless copy. Lulu seriously screwed up three previous shipments of this little gem (well, one original order and 2 replacements--all had printing issues, one of which actually bound two copies of the book in one cover!).

Don't listen to the trolls over at YDIS; this game is NOT inept. It's an interesting take on OD&D style rules that adheres closer to the original 1974 rules than my favorite variant, Swords & Wizardry Whitebox. This is fast becoming my new favorite "rulings, not rules" style game.

Git yer gonzo on! Wizards, Mutants, Lazer Pistols Volume 1 Compilation! I have all the individual print editons, but I had to have the compilation, because, you know, I'm a completist. Guys, since I shelled out for each issue AND bought the compilation, how about sending me the PDF version for free? Please? Seriously, you need to offer a bundle deal or something.

This is Barrataria Games' Companion Expansion. I've long had the free PDF of this and when I noticed that it was available in print on Lulu, well, into the basket it went.

It's for B/X D&D. Between this and the B/X Companion from Running Beagle Games (which is a rules expansion first and foremost), there's lots of options to expand the Moldvay/Cook ruleset.

And, of course, it's totally compatible with Labyrinth Lord.

As far as I know, I've never owned Gamescience dice. Oh, I've seen the video of Lou Zocchi extolling the virtues of his dice. I even remember inking my own dice back with the original Mentzer box sets, but as Lou says in the video, those weren't Gamescience dice. But damn if Gamescience dice aren't a bit pricey! I've got tons of Chessex and no-name dice from EAI and even a few defaced casino dice, but my dice bag was sorely lacking a set of precision dice.

When I saw the uninked starter sets of Ugly Dice and Color Burst for ridiculously low prices, I couldn't resist. $16 total, including shipping! When they arrived I sat down with a few of my kids' discarded crayons and went to town. These turned out great! I mostly stuck with black and white fills, but for the brown Ugly Dice, I went with green just for a bit of variation.

If you go the self-inking route, be sure to wash your dice with warm water and a dollop of mild dish detergent and allow them to dry completely before inking. I found that overfilling and then furiously rubbing off the excess crayon with an inside-out white athletic sock (you want the fuzzy, soft side) created enough friction that the wax melted just a tad and filled the numbers nicely. Can't wait to try these out!

Also, Martin Rayla has a nice post on inking Gamescience dice over at Gnome Stew.