A Bookface Super Special Re-post!

I said this in my Christmas Bookface post, but it bears repeating:

Kabuki Kaiser is the grand high poo-bah of oriental weirdness.

Mad Monks of Kwantoom NEEDS TO BE IN YOUR TOOLBOX! This thing rocks, like Metallica circa Master of Puppets or Iron Maiden circa Powerslave: So. Many. Perfect. Notes.

And yes, it does contain ninjas.

Part DM adventure toolkit, part campaign generator, part solo gamebook, part monster manual; this thing just blows my mind. The Wa Tung Monster Manual is worth the entire price of this book. Pair this with Kaiser's Ruins of the Undercity and you'll have many months worth of adventure gaming on your hands.

And Kabuki Kaiser has placed the PDF on sale for a measly fiver. $5! Trust me, it is worth every penny. So skip a latte and buy the PDF. Better yet, buy the print book. Hell, buy them both!