Petty Gods: Ynnym, favored guardians of the treasure gods

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favored guardians of the treasure gods

No. Encountered: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 200' (80')
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 9
Attacks: 1 (kick, claw, bite + special) OR Special (see below)
Damage: 1d8 + Special
Save: F9
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: XVII
XP: 1,900

Ynnym are oversized bastard chimeras, having the head of a cycloptic sea dragon, the front portion and tail of a lion, and the rear portion of a donkey. Their bodies are roughly the size of elephants, and the sea dragon's serpentine neck is comparable in size and girth to that of a young giant python.

Ynnym are bred by the gods to be swift of foot and fierce in battle. Although they only have one eye, this eye allows them to see all colors of the spectrum (including infrared, ultraviolet, jale, ulfire, dolm, mull, viledusk, and grüt). There is a 30% chance that it also acts as an eye of true seeing, allowing them to see all things as they actually are, and making them impervious to illusory attacks unless blinded.

Ynnym are traditionally used by the gods of minor treasures to guard pathways to vaults hidden throughout the wilderness. There is a 75% chance that any petty god of treasure or trinkets employs a Ynnym for this purpose. Sometimes the gods station them on false pathways.

Ynnym are extremely fast and nimble, and their ability to climb rough terrain is comparable to mountain goats, which are their preferred prey. Ynnym are also fond of foraging for bletted mespilus and raw ermal, although the latter gives them terrible bouts of gas.

There is a 20% chance that a Ynnym can speak (in common & dragon), but only at the ability level of a lispy four-year-old. They like asking questions that sound like riddles but are actually rambling streams of consciousness.

If attacked, a Ynnym may perform one of three traditional attacks. It can deliver a tremendous blow with its rear legs, stand on its hind legs and claw with its forepaws (counts as one attack), or bite; all attacks do 1d8 damage. Victims of a bite attack must Save vs. Poison or suffer -3 HP per day until cured by a neutralize poison spell.

Ynnym may forgo a traditional attack and deploy a breath weapon: they can cast a 3 foot wide diameter gob of phlegm-like poison spittle at any stationary target. A struck victim must Save vs. Breath Attack or die. This poison is no longer potent 1 round after the attack.

The pelts of unbred Ynnym are are said to fetch a high price on the black market, but are especially tough to preserve, as they begin to decompose to mucus within an hour after skinning.