Petty Gods: Shelter from the Storm, a Tale of the Jale God

Shelter from the Storm: A Tale of the Jale God

The Jale God was out walking in human form when it began to storm; it was a terrible storm, the like of which that part of the world had never seen. The Jale God sought shelter in a nearby temple of a rival minor godling; not knowing the man before them was the Jale God, the priests welcomed him into the sitting room.

Once inside, he removed his cloak, knelt, and began to pray. The priests were so impressed with this display that they soon admitted him into the prayer room. So fervent were his prayers that they soon brought him into their inner sanctum and asked him to share the secret of his devoutness. At this, the Jale God began to profane himself, belching loudly, urinating on the holy altar, and scrawling profanities on the walls and floor with ashes from the holy fire. The priests, aghast at this despicable behavior, demanded he leave at once so they could reclaim their sacred space.

At this, the Jale God revealed himself, saying "You asked me to show you how to pray; let they who are unworthy of such adoration leave, for I, the Jale God, have found my satisfaction!"

The priests trembled and fled, taking their idols with them. Thus did the Jale God claim his first temple in that land.


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