Petty Gods: The Healed Wound, a Tale of the Jale God

The Healed Wound: A Tale of the Jale God

Once, a young girl child suffered a sore upon her right arm. Three healer's skills proved fruitless and the girl's parents began to fear the girl would lose her arm and her bride-price. The wound festered and smelt, but never healed.

One day, a withered priest of the Jale God saw the girl as her parents passed a temple carved into the base of cliff. He waved them into the temple-cave; the parents, being fearful folk, refused the priest's entreaties, at which point the old priest sent two acolytes to seize the girl and bring her to him. He prodded her wound with his finger and when she did not squirm or cry out, he understood the nature of her affliction and declared he could heal the seeping lesion with a "silver touch".

He went into the temple and emerged a short time later with a silver unicorn horn. He rubbed the horn around the wound seven times and sent the girl away with instructions to return to the temple the next day. When she returned, he performed the ritual again, and again for five more days. On the seventh day, no trace of the wound was on her skin. Her parents were amazed, and returned home with much rejoicing and praising of the Jale God.

When their neighbors saw the girl was healed, they suspected witchcraft and beat the parents to death with stones and flaming torches; the girl fled to the Jale God's temple to find nothing but a cave inhabited by a herd of wirry-cowes.