Petty Gods: The Dead King's Ransom, A Tale of the Jale God

The Dead King's Ransom: A Tale of the Jale God

In a place long forgotten, a great king was on his deathbed. As the time of the king's death neared, a wizard in the woods saw the Jale God in human form walking the path to the keep where the funeral rites would be proclaimed. "Where are you going?" demanded the wizard of the Jale God's avatar.

"I am going," said the Jale God, "to be present at the old king's death."

"When you pass this way again, stop by and tell me how things went," said the wizard, for he had been banished from the king's holdings and was thirsty for news.

Within three days, the Jale God returned, lamenting and calling out, "Woe, oh woe to the Elder Gods! For I am deceived! I have been duped! All may know my wrath in the days to come!"

"Tell me," the wizard said to the Jale God's human form, "what transpired in the castle? Is the king dead? What is your complaint?"

"Oh, for the king is surely dead," said the Jale God, "For I have seen it myself, being present as the king's soul, which was sworn to me an eternity ago, was weighed and measured on three scales: mine, the Elder God's, and man's." He paused and drank from a proffered flask before continuing.

"When placed on the man's scale, the king's soul balanced evenly, his life work balancing his life's words in perfect equilibrium," explained the Jale God. "When weighed on the Elder God's scale, his life work sank just a little, his prayers for forgiveness rising slightly higher, but close enough to be on par with that of man's measuring. But when the soul was placed on my scale, a two-legged cat stepped forth and placed a paw upon the scale; his life works rose high as the goodliness of his inner thoughts sank low. No one spied the cat's paw but me and none believed my indignations. Bah! But the Elder Gods and men shall pay for this king's ransom!"

For it was Bob the Cat, companion of Ywehbobbobhewy, Lord of Waters, King of Mirrors, Patriarch of the Most Profound, who placed his paw upon the scale, and thus the enmity between the two gods continues.