Petty Gods: d30 Table of Jale God Feast Days

Petty Gods: d30 Table of Jale God Feast Days
  1. The Aphoristic Defilement
  2. The Arcane Obscenity of Ryal'a
  3. The Blasphemy of Malice
  4. The Breaking of the Princess
  5. The Campaign of Bloody Daggers
  6. The Carnal Rendition
  7. The Crimson Anathema
  8. The Cruel Violation
  9. The Dagger Wars Remembrance
  10. The Dark Moon Festival
  11. The Day of Gimlinch's Defilement
  12. The Day of Putrefaction
  13. The Dedication of the Heavens
  14. The Demonic Ruin
  15. The Dismal Night
  16. The Dusk of Unspooling Blades
  17. The Fall of the Kindred Wyrm
  18. The Feast of Veils
  19. The Festival of Allegiance
  20. The Great Unyawning
  21. The Gruesome Desecration
  22. The Hoisting of the Giblets
  23. The Invocation of Yegish
  24. The Nightfall of Welcoming
  25. The Obscenity of Wounds
  26. The Siege of Blackswamp Stronghold
  27. The Sunless Malediction
  28. The Tournament of Curses
  29. The Treacherous Obscenity
  30. The Woeful Ritual of Clapatrus