Friday, November 21, 2014

Mining the Internet Archive: Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer Scenarios for your Old School Game

The Internet Archive Magazine Rack has 25 issues of The Space Gamer (later titled Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer). This started out as Metagaming Concept's house zine, and then later was handed off to Steve Jackson Games and then later spun off again and now seems to be stuck behind a paywall at a website that seems to have been designed in 1995 (although the forums seem to be active).

Anyways . . . I flipped through the issues available from the Internet Archive and found a few adventure scenarios that might be of interest to old school gamers. I've linked to the issues in the Internet Archives AND I've extracted the relevant pages from the PDFs of each issue for easy access, and those extracts are hosted via my DropBox account. **Links removed due to DMCA Copyright Complaint on 2018-06-06 regarding a different post.**

Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer Issue 77 (January/February 1987)

AD&D Scenario - A Plague in Westerbrook
Paranoia Solo Scenario - One of the Best PARANOIA Mini-Solo-Adventures Ever Published (small ruleset included)

Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer Issue 84 (December 1988)

AD&D Tournament Scenario - The Halls of Fortune

Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer Issue 86 (July/August 1989)

Star Wars d6 Scenario - Death of a Hero

Note: This issue was the first issue after another change of ownership, and it is paced with sweetness. In addition to the extract I've posted, there are two GURPS scenarios, an interesting article on "Luxorian Triplets for AD&D" & a new monster, the Dreadguard, both by James M. LeDuc. There's also a great "Universal Bar Generator" by Bill Burg, and an article detailing 50 arcane tomes for Call of Cthulhu by Christopher Pound, and an interesting article by Gary Reilly on integrating sci-fi weapons into fantasy games. If you are going to download an entire issue, make it this one.

Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer Issue 88 (March/April 1990)

AD&D Scenario - Pieces of Honor
Gamma World Scenario - Plague on Umbril River
Star Wars d6 Scenario - Peekoine Opera Blues


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these. I had access to Space Gamer, but didn't d/l any of it. What program did you use to edit the pdf files? I can't afford a full version of Acrobat but could use a program to do exactly what you did here by trimming the fat out of magazine PDFs to create modules.


mwschmeer said...

@huge weird Open Id opaque identifier: I used Preview on Mac OS 10.7.5. You can select individual pages and paste them into a new PDF.