Bootleg Chinese Star Wars Comic

This is a PDF of a scan of a bootleg Chinese Star Wars comic from the pre-Internet days.

And here you can find the translation, spread over 6 blog posts.

This thing is totally gameable.

Some select panels:

Darth Vader & The Bounty Hunters force Princess Leia to belly dance.

Ben Kenobi: Motorcycle Knight Rider

Darth Varder. Wielding a Laser Sword. On the Moon. In Thor's armor.

The rebel scum have taken refuge in . . . Florida?!

Chimpbacca in chains . . .

Princess Leia gets a tour of the Yavin 4 installation from a young Steve Jobs.


Lord Gwydion said…
This is awesome! My older son just started learning Chinese, so I'll hold onto this until he's a bit more advanced. I'll probably use the art for gaming projects, too.