Where Have You Been, Bookface?

Summer is over. Bookface is back. He's just getting through the backlog of mail. Here are some highlights.

Tim Shorts' excellent sixth issue of The Manor. The seventh issue just dropped, so I need to re-up by subscription.

This is definitely one of the gems of the bloggers-turned-zinesters scene. Worth every penny and then some.

Rev. Dak's Crawl! #10. This issue is all about new class options. Definitely something to steal for your game here. The first of the DCC RPG fanzines is still one of the best.

Of course I say this not having subscriptions to the others, so if Crawljammer and Crawling Under a Broken Moon want to comp me subscriptions so I can make a fair and honest comparison,  I have no problems with that.

Wizards, Mutants, Lazer Pistols #5 & #6.

If you haven't checked out this old school photocopied zine, you are in for a treat. Issue 2 is sold out, but the other issues are still available.

You gotta dig the hand-drawn covers and Xeroxed vibe of this baby. It's like an old junior high school zine, but written by adults mixing Xanax and tequila watching early Sam Raimi movies to a Rob Zombie soundtrack. That's a compliment, by they way.

(In writing this post, I mistyped the title of this excellent zine as "Wizards, Mutants, Lizard Pastels," which sounds like a random table in Underworld Lore.)

New Big Dragon does good work. Richard LeBlanc sources and ships his own print books and they are cheaper and better than the POD versions that he used to sell on Lulu.com.

The Ogress of Anubis is a solid adventure scenario for levels 4–6 (BX/LL) and crams a lot of goodness into 16 pages. Richard does a great job at layout and production, and the design quality of both the adventure and the physical product is among the best I've seen in the self-published OSR scene.

If you don't have a copy of both the d30 DM Companion and the d30 Sandbox Companion, your DM toolbox is incomplete.

If you want to check out just how useful his d30 tables are, hit this link and download every damn thing labeled under this tag.

Remember, if you order stuff direct from Richard, he throws in cool metal buttons, too. Collect them all!

Also, Richard runs the Order of the d30 G+ Community and the Classic Microgames G+ Community, so join up or check those links for even more old school goodness.

John Yorio's 6 Iron Spikes & A Small Hammer has a cover that just screams "old school" and delivers on the goods inside, too.

Stalin's Tanks & Rommel's Panzers. Picked these up at Half-Priced Books sometime at the beginning of summer. Mint, minus the dice. These are great micro war games and I don't have the heart to cut them up and play them, so they are merely displayed on my office game shelf.

I played the hell out of Dragonmaster when I was 12. Saw it on eBay and grabbed it at a ridiculously low price. I love the art. Check it out this site, which has high-rez scans of all the cards (also be sure to check out that dude's Dark Tower pages!).

Mechanically, it's a trick-taking card game that uses plastic gems to keep track of points. It plays fairly fast, but given the age of the games, I need to get some card sleeves to protect the art and I haven't found a size that fits yet. See more about the game at the Board Game Geek entry.

Tune in later this week for another Bookface post. The mailbox overfloweth!


Greg Gorgonmilk said…
Hot damn! Bookface and Paypal have been busy!
Mark CMG said…
Welcome back, Bookface! :D
New Big Dragon said…
Thanks for the shout outs. BTW, the last few weeks, I've been sending a d30 sticker sheet with each order instead of buttons.
Alexey said…
Happy to see WMLP! all up in your face! Thanks for the feedback!