1d30 Table of Random Wasteland Finds

1d30 Table of Random Wasteland Finds

01. Radio Flyer red wagon, missing back left wheel

02. 10 lb. barbell

03. VHS tape of Faces of Death V

04. Inflatable alligator, deflated

05. #9 billiard ball

06. 1 moldy patchwork quilt

07. 4 duck decoys missing heads

08. 3 spent shotgun shells

09. Pair of rusty tweezers

10. 1 Zebco® fishing reel with 200 yards of tangled fishing line

11. 1 package of 12 purple artificial worms

12. Blue-green yoga mat

13. Gingerbread man-decorated popcorn tin filled with 1 package of vacuum-packed caramel popcorn

14. Emergency exit sign missing the final "T"

15. Fisher Space Pen plus 2 refill cartridges

16. 6-pack AAA batteries (corroded)

17. Can of WD-40 (missing the thin red straw)

18. Salt shaker in the shape of a margarita (50% chance filled)

19. Pepper mill (empty)

20. 8 oz. tube of Anusol®

21. Roll of Tums®

22. Deck of playing cards with a bullet hole shot cleanly through the middle of the pack

23. Child-size L.L. Bean® sleeping bag

24. Box of blue chalk

25. 16 iron railroad spikes

26. Perfectly preserved possum corpse

27. 5 empty bottles of mouthwash and one full bottle of fluoride rinse

28. 3 paperback copies of The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming

29. 24 rolls of 1-ply toilet paper

30. 1 64 oz. bottle Sunlight® dish detergent


Billy said…
I want to roll vs. a google image search. Maybe "yard sale find"...
Matthew Schmeer said…
@Billy: Hmmmm...that would be interesting. I will undertake it, sir!