Friday, April 25, 2014

Google+ is a Zombie

Maybe not a zombie, but definitely "walking dead" as TechCrunch & Ars Technica call it. When the head of a division abruptly leaves, as the head honcho of Google+ did today, that does not bode well for a digital product or platform.

According to those two articles above, the Google+ team is being dismantled and the programmers shuffled off to other projects, like Android development.

I never jumped on the G+ bandwagon, even though I poke my head in the door of several Google+ gaming-related circles on a regular basis.

So, what does this mean for the vast & active OSR community that's been organizing online play via Google+ circles/communities and Google Hangouts? Where will folks migrate if Google+ goes the way of Google Reader?

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Charles Akins said...

Google's come out pretty hard against the article. Here's a good link to their rebuttal.