Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Catching Up With Bookface

Remember back in November when everyone was abuzz over Paizo's "Great Golem" sale? I scored a whole bunch of Goodman Games d20 stuff for under $16, and just realized I never posted about it. Yeah, I know d20 kinda sucks but these were too good to pass up and Goodman Games has always pumped out quality stuff. So, here we go:

JG1 Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor by Robert Conley and Bob Bledsaw

JG2 Citadel of Fire by Bob Bledsaw, Steve Edwards, and Steve Stottrup

Any Judges Guild is good Judges Guild, even if it is d20.

Wicked Fantasty Factory 0: Temple of Blood by Luke Johnson

Wicked Fantasty Factory 1: Rumble in the Wizard's Tower by Luke Johnson

Wicked Fantasy Factory 2: Against the Iron Giant by Luke Johnson

Okay, these are really video gamey and introduce "finishing moves, ""phat lewt", mooks, and a "big boss battle" at the end of the adventure. Over the top, of course--much like the Xcrawl products that follow below.

It isn't intended to be taken seriously--these are over the top on purpose. For crying out loud, their module designation is "WWF"! Of course they are going to be gonzo like a bad action movie! Or Wrestling at the Chase.

Xcrawl: Dungeonbattle Brooklyn by Brendan LaSalle

Xcrawl: Coney Island Crawl by Duane Waldrop and Brendan LaSalle

I love the Xcrawl concept (basically D&D meets The Running Man). I'm never gonna run it, but these scenarios are easily adaptable to other systems, etc.

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