Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bookface Troll & Toad

Yeah, Bookface got in on the Troll & Toad clearance sale a few weeks back and scored some nice stuff.

 More Xcrawl! 3 Rivers Crawl & Phoenix Crawl.

Oh, MSH RPG, how I love you! These were around 49¢ each. The Weird, Weird West is pretty damn cool and Thunder Over Jotunheim is a solo "magic viewer" module (I love those things--ah, solitaire play!)

Hey Bookface, what are those boxes on the table behind you?

 You mean these?

Screaming Eagles by Milton Bradley

Vapor's Gambit by Hyperion

Not from Troll & Toad, but still pretty damn awesome:

Dwarven Dig by Bucephalus Games.

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