Bookface Kickstarter Rewards - Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay

Sometimes, you back a winner. And sometimes the winner is a home run king.

The rewards for backing +Pete Spahn's Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay Kickstarter. Also included was a PDF of the adventure module Oak Grove Whispers in PDF format, so no picture of that, sorry.

I contributed an NPC to the guidebook; find him on page 45, Vlarkvlaaran (a.k.a. "Vlaarn" or "Vlark"). Some of you might remember him from Digital Orc's Veiled Invocation. This time, Vlark is there to confound Tenkar the Tavernkeeper.

You can buy the Chronicles of Amerth here, and the Guidebook to the City of Dolmvay as a PWYW PDF here or in print here or in an extra special print edition here. While you are at it, buy all of Pete's stuff. I'm especially fond of his Brave the Labyrinth zine (3 issues and counting!).

Simply put, Small Niche Games products RAWK!