Thursday, March 27, 2014

The First Bookface of Spring!

Bookface is back, this time with stuff you can download for your game:

Arnold K's Book of Mice and Book of Tigers. Definitely check these out.

This here is the first issue of Suspense & Decision, a new zine dedicated to play-by-mail gaming. There are four issues out now; go grab and read 'em!

These are the three Cloak & Dagger Compendiums available over on Yggdrasil Distro. Each issue deals with a different aspect of thief skills. Not necessarily an RPG-related, but damn are they a great resource. These three plus the next four and so much more can be found here.

A Goblin Manifesto!

Your Druid needs this.

Your Ranger needs this.

Your dwarf needs this. Trust me.

Bad Mrymidon, by Rafael Chandler, et al. One of the best hexcrawls I've read in a long time.

Two interesting micro RPGs from Experimental Playground: Mutants and Machine Guns v2 and Savage Flower Kingdom v2. M&MG is a post-apocalyptic blend of RPG and wargame which includes tokens and a battleboard. SFK is traditional dungeon crawling & brawling. Both games have support on the the ExP blog, so I linked to the tags rather than to specific posts. Be sure to check these out!

And finally, something you have to search high & low for:

Paul Jaquays' "Night of the Walking Wet" from The Dungeoneer #5 & #6, 1977, reformatted by some dude on the interwebs named Kent.

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Tim Shorts said...

Bookface has struck again. Good stuff.