Friday, March 14, 2014

Melee! Redesigned

Last year I pointed out that some dude had re-themed Barbarian Prince.

I've discovered another classic micro-game that has been re-themed. Lads & lasses, check out Kwanchai Moriya's Melee re-design:

Check out more pictures here.

I've gathered all the files from the Melee file section and threw them together in a zip file so you can download, print, and assemble a version of the game for your own pleasure. **Link removed due to DMCA Complain from Steve Jackson Games on 2018-06-06**.

Kwanchai has also redesigned several other games. Steve Jackson Games forced him to remove his OGRE redesign from circulation, but if you really want it, hit me up via email and I can forward you the files. **No longer available due to the above complaint from Steve Jackson Games -- removed to avoid further takedown notices.**


ScrivenerB said...

Nice design. Thanks for making it available "hassle free". About ogre, that's pretty hilarious/sad SJ made them take it if having it out there would somehow be bad for sales of the hundred dollar version whose charm entirely eludes me. I still have my $2.95 version around here somewhere. It took Howard et cie like two months to ship that stupid thing to me in 1979 or whenever that was.

Marc Pavone said...

I'd like to see that bundle. Is it the Ogre re-skinned as WW2?

mwschmeer said...

@Marc: No, it's kinda more Iron Giant-ey looking.

Brett Slocum said...

Warehouse 23 has $4 copies of Ogre on sale now. I just bought three and I don't even like the game.