Saturday, March 29, 2014

Chitin: I Redesigned!

Hey, microgamers! Do you remember Chitin:I? You know, Metagaming Microgame #2?

Check out this redesign by Scott Everts:

Great googly-moogly! This is a thing of beauty!

And don't worry—I've got you covered with the downloads! I've grabbed all the files from Scott's redesign that are posted on and thrown them in this folder on my Dropbox account. All told, there are about 100MB of files here, including a HUGE high-resolution map. **Link removed due to DMCA Complaint by Steve Jackson Games on 2018-06-06 regarding a different post.**

Be sure to read Scott's thread on how he built this; he includes details about how he mounted the chits on wooden blocks for durability, and even provides links to places online to order them.

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