Bookface Show-and-Tell

Look what Bookface picked up:

Picked this up for 25¢ at a local thrift store. Useful somehow for something (cough cough Freeport cough cough).

Oooha! $2, but worth it. Now if only I can find a decent copy of The Monsters of Star Trek . . .

Dungeon Roll is a fairly fun push-your-luck dice game. Excellent for solitaire play, too. I didn't back the Kickstarter and picked this up at my LFGS. Oh, and get yourself a playmat printed on a mousepad, too!

I know, I know — d20. But it was new in box with the shrink still on it, and there are a handful of web enhancements that were written just for this beginner's box (link to my Dropbox).